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About Us

Kent PAT is a small, established company specialising in Portable Appliance Testing. We are a specialist portable appliance testing company and do not undertake any major electrical repairs, maintenance or installations. Because we only provide portable appliance testing, we are able to provide a professional and reliable service that ensures this highly important Health and Safety requirement is not overlooked or underestimated.

We aim to provide a cost effective and simple service for all types of businesses and help them to fully comply with Health & Safety regulations and to promote a safe working environment.

Kent PAT have spent many years working within the portable appliance testing industry providing testing services to a variety of clients and industries ranging from hotels and offices to factories and warehouses. We take great pride in providing a prompt, professional, reliable service, and we are happy to advise and explain about portable appliance testing and what your legal obligations are.

Kent PAT provides cost effective solutions to customers throughout Kent and the South East. We only use fully calibrated, up to date equipment and provide our customers with tailored testing schedules, test certificates and full testing reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portable Appliance Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination and testing of electrical appliances and equipment, by a series of visual and electrical tests to ensure they are safe for use.

Is it a legal requirement?

The law requires employers, companies, landlords etc to ensure that their electrical equipment used by staff, members of the public and tenants is properly maintained in order to prevent danger. The law does not state how this should be done or how often. With a regular PAT Testing schedule in place carried out by qaulified and competent engineers, you will know your equipment meets these requirements and is safe to use. You will also find that more and more business insurance policies require a regular Portable Appliance Test to be carried out.

How offen does my equipment need to be tested?

The frequency of testing depends on the type of equipment, and also the environment in which it is used. The frequencies we recommend are based on the guidelines by The Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Do I need to turn my equipment off?

Yes. It is impossible to carry out the testing with items switched on. The test involves a thorough inspection of the mains plug and fuse, which is impossible to do without unplugging items. Kent PAT offer out of hours testing at no extra cost. This is an ideal solution for your servers and similar IT equipment which need to stay on during office hours.

What can happen if my equipment is not tested?

In the event of an incident involving an electrical appliance of yours, you would need to prove that you had a regular preventative maintenance schedule in place to avoid being liable. Portable Appliance Testing along with regular visual checks would be one way to do this. Without being able to prove that such a system was in place, the responsible person would become liable and could face prosecution. Many insurance companies assume that when giving insurance cover to a business the owners of that business are complying with all regulations necessary and insurance company may reduce, delay or even refuse to pay on a claim for damage or liabillity if an appliance that has not been tested has caused the damage.

What happens when the testing is finished?

Once out engineer has completed the testing they will download the results from their tester and produce a report. We will then send the report, testing certificate and invoice to your invoicing address within 5 working days.

More questions?

Areas Covered

We cover the whole of Kent with no hidden charges. If you are outside of Kent and would like a quote for your Portable Appliance Testing then please contact us.

Ashford, Canterbury, Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Shepway, Swale.

Kent PAT areas covered map


We charge a fixed initial fee of £40 which includes the testing of 20 items. After this, we charge a fixed fee of £1.00 per item tested.

For example, if you have 40 items to test, the cost will be:

  • Initial fee including 20 items: £40.00
  • Additional 20 items: £20.00
  • Total cost: £60.00

The following services are included free of charge:

  • Re-wiring plug
  • Replacing incorrect fuses
  • Re-test following repair

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